Top good online games that you should try

Let’s take a look at the popular online games to enjoy through the following article.

Dragon Atlas

Dragon Atlas brings gamers to a fantasy world with the main characters as dragons and fierce battle against evil. In the beginning, we will choose to play a supporting magician, attack from afar or a true warrior ready to face all difficulties.

The gameplay of Dragon Atlas is quite special when gamers do not need to control the character to move while fighting, but we still have to be very focused because all the attacks launched are decided by the player.

Care must be taken in selecting the skills to be able to make consecutive combo attacks on the opponent, avoiding the case that they counterattack causing damage to themselves. This game can be called a sell action.

In addition, Dragon Atlas also brings a lot of other features such as walking side, fighting bosses and uncovering hidden secrets in the map to search for treasures…

HEX: Shards of Fate

General card game HEX: Shards of Fate has a pretty graphic background with quite sharp color fonts, besides the eye-catching effects of the cards. The game interface is designed to be simple but quite convenient, helping players easily grasp the entire layout of the game.

The cards in HEX: Shards of Fate are drawn quite well, recording all the contents of parameters such as damage amount, HP amount, special ability, race, properties also help players easily grasp.

Basically, HEX: Shards of Fate owns the gameplay quite similar to many games of the current card game genre (TCG) like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering. When each card is played, the player will have to spend a set amount of human resources. Besides, in one turn, the player can perform many operations rather than being limited.

Tome: Immortal Arena

It is known that Tome: Immortal Arena is a product produced by KIXEYE, with the people who have made the success of Command & Conquer, Blade Runner, League of Legends, World of Warcraft … The game takes a fighting style. High-speed action underlies and promotes continuous combat. Therefore the battle lasts only about 20 minutes and brings a lot of new tactics, ensuring the player never gets bored.

Tome: Immortal Arena - MOBA hoành tráng sắp ra mắt

Although there are many basic features of the MOBA games, many complex parts such as furniture recipes, last hit monsters, healing items have been removed. All are aimed at a single goal is to promote action in Tome: Immortal Arena, forcing gamers to rush into battle as quickly as possible.

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