Top free games to play in Android

Playing game is one of main factors for anyone to choose a smart phone. It’s convenient to relax anytime you want. The fact that, there are some games purchased or free. Or several online games allow you to get experience limited functions. To play enough features, you need to pay money. It depends other policies of brand.

In this article, we recommend top free games to play in Android. Maybe it can be applied to IOS operation or not. But assure that it is available to welcome you on Android operation.

1/ Another Eden

This game is around story of cat which can be beyond time and space with many cherry on top. The production of Another Eden is JRPG who bring great experience compared other competitions in this market.

This game is easy and simple to follow, therefore it is a good choice for both new players as well people rarely play game to relax.


If you are a fan of action game, AFPG is a good recommendation. It has been launched by RPGs since early months in 2020.

Although it has the same style as Diablo series, it is set up new features and outstanding modes to make difference. In addition, it also is reviewed that it has good graphics and phenomenal music to make more interesting for players.

Coming ARPG, you can not only see the dark, it is an opportunity to deal and earn money on transaction. Particularly you can earn money by many ways from in-app purchase. It means this game will not be paid money to win. You have to overcome challenge for winning. It is a new aspect compared other games on Play store.

Another strong feature, ARPG has been invested graphics and music professionally to make effective reactions.

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