Top driving games for Android (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share top driving games you can play through Android operation. It’s convenient when you can stay one seat but relax stress.

4, Dirt Trackin’ 2

Dirt Trackin’ 2 is the second version of Dirt Trackin. It is highly appreciated as an excellent game about driving on mobile.

In this game, there are total five cards which customize different cards and control schemes. Furthermore, it also builds up different levels with various difficulties. 

Thanks to customization ability and the content, it increases interest and excitement for game to make up for some failures. 

In general, at $3.99 for full service of a game, it is cheaper for a premium racer as Dirt Trackin’2.

5, Grand Prix Story

If you like famous driving car brand, Grand Prix Story is one of your option. It is a racing sim of Kairosoft. 

The fact, developer is really excellent to create a game with decent mechanics. All players have the same amazing feeling about when joining this game. 

Through this game, it is an easy approach to racing. With $4.99, it deserves to receive realistic experience about a driving game. It will not make you disappointed.

6, GRID Autosport

The fact, it has been launched under the PC version in 2019. Then immediately to build up a new version for Android.

Estimated, this game includes in 100 cars with about other 100 driving races. The variety of other racing types as well upgrading hardware controller support are good features from this one.

However, this game focus on the individual player. So, someone preferring playing with multiple will be limited modes. 

In general, cost of $9.99 is more expensive than other driving game. However, it is compatible full services along with all in the DLC function. So, it is reasonable.

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