Top 4 mythical mobile games are extremely attractive

Most ancient myths have become a long-term subject of mobile game makers, compared to all other classic action and strategy games.

Mobile games have proven that ancient myths always provide massive contexts and characters that can meet the development requirements for game makers and more than any other environment. There is also the fact that players are always fascinated by these mythical characters, which is the key to making the legendary games become popular.

The top 4 mythical mobile games mentioned in the article will be the most vivid evidence for this movement.

Gods Of Olympus

Gods Of Olympus, is the only application from Aegis Interactive, is a game to build a stronghold in both basic and complex. This game has many similarities with Clash of Clans or similar games in that you both have to build your empire and resist the aggression of other players, and also have to destroy the stronghold of the city. others. The game is receiving very good feedback, and if you are a person who likes to make friends and succeed with each other, this is definitely a good choice.

Age Of The Gods

Age Of The Gods has a different color than most of the similar games here and is produced by Betfair. It is a dial-up game with many elements that surpasses other online dialers in that it uses ancient gods and their relationships to adorn the rotation and background of the game. This is just one of the dial games with elements inspired by myth, but it is the title that lays the foundation for other games.

Greek Mythology Trivia

You can see a lot of mythological quiz games on Sporcle, but if you’re expecting a mobile game of this type, a quiz app will make you happy. Developed by Pavel Burda, with lots of interesting riddles about ancient gods, and not just challenging your knowledge, you can go to the Game Center and challenge your friends.

Immortal City

Originally a well-known free game developer for mobile, YesGnome recently seems to have lost some form. Even so, Immortal City is still an experience-worthy game with a vividly interesting mythological theme. Specifically, this is still a simulation game to build empires and the player’s goal is to create and maintain a great city. But instead of going to war or invading other strongholds like most games today, your mission revolves around quests and challenges with the gods.

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