Top 3 hit games but quickly fell into oblivion

Homefront: The Revolution

Set in the post-war America with North Korea, and the winner is Korea. You play as a boy leading a group to create a revolution to overthrow North Korea. With the storyline promising to be very attractive and open-world shooting gameplay, the game is extremely well received by gamers and awaits every day to wait for it to launch. But Homefront disappoints with the silliest aspects, the game itself has a coherent, confusing. Plus the gameplay is not smooth, many bugs on the day of launch, Homefront really drowned in the negative comments and gradually disappeared on the blockbuster map in 2016.

Of course, for the bug, the game has been fixed after the updates, but in addition to the plot that is a bit lacking in the beginning, Homefront: The Revolution is not bad. The idea of ​​the game is quite good, the graphics are also very beautiful, generally, if you have never heard of this game, just try it, maybe you will like it.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

The next version of Star War: The Force Unleashed which is already very successful sounds very promising, isn’t it? The game has all the elements to make it a true blockbuster, the Star Wars franchise, the predecessor of a successful title, and of course Jedi and Sith. But the game was pushed out so fast, it felt like instant noodles. The plot is short, nothing special, the gameplay is normal, not very attractive. Perhaps because the previous version of the game sold like hotcakes, this time they only made the next version to make money.


After 10 years of development, pouring in enthusiasm, calling the development team from games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age to focus on Anthem’s investment. The marketing campaign is also very monumental with many confident statements from EA, Anthem has insolvent. The game was launched in February 2019 with much expectation from EA but no one paid for this game, it was the entire episode.

What made the player pay attention to Anthem is the suit of armor in the trailer, one feels to be flying in this armor circling the map. So the reducers only fly for 30 seconds and have to recharge quite a long time, while other factors such as the plot, gameplay or graphics, everything is not too impressive, generally a pretty tryhard product but goes the wrong direction that users expect.

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