Top 3 games with the most beautiful graphics ever

Playing games with beautiful graphics like real life is always the desire of every gamer. But to be able to run smoothly such games requiring gamers to have an extremely powerful PC configuration.

Here are the most demanding hardware games ever!

1. Crysis

Crysis has always been mentioned as one of the most powerful hardware killer games of all time. In 2007 when it was first released, the graphics technology of this FPS shooter was so terrible that no PC system at the time could help gamers experience smooth games at the highest settings.

In 2007, in order to play Crysis at 60 fps, gamers were required to reduce their image settings to medium. Across the forums, the largest gaming community in the world shares the experience set up to be able to experience Crysis as smoothly as possible. As of 2017, there has been a stronger upgrade of the hardware for gamers to enjoy Crysis at the highest setting smoothly. However, the price to own a PC to meet such a requirement is not cheap at all, up to hundreds of millions of dong.

2. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game with extreme co-op support and is feverish on gaming forums. The graphics of the game can be said to be amazing with the authenticity and reproducing details such as rivers, lakes, forests, dinosaurs, sharks extremely real. The recommended configuration for playing ARK: Survival Evolved is completely different from the necessary configuration to be able to operate the game at the highest setting.

Specifically, if you have a CPU set configured as above, you will be able to play the game at 20 fps and have to reduce almost the picture settings to medium. To be able to play games smoothly at 60 fps and set the highest, the hardware requirements will need 5-10 times higher than the minimum.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Although there are many opinions in the community that The Witcher 3 actually does not sparkle as the pictures serve PR purposes for the game, but we still have to admit that it is a real product. requires extremely high PC hardware configuration. To be able to enjoy all the great features of the game, you must open all graphics tweaks to the maximum and reach 60 fps.


The Witcher 3 has created a new graphical standard for the PC RPG genre that very few game products in its class can do.

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