PUBG Mobile: Super interesting mysteries that have solved

Detecting enemies in tents, hovering in the air, Kar98K gun, 6 seconds and stopping climbing are the mysteries that have answers in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is an exciting survival shooting game. Join the game, you have to fight with other players and try to become the last remaining. Besides the right skills and strategies, sometimes you need to know some tips and secrets to win.

Here are the hidden things in PUBG Mobile that not many players know.

Detect enemies in the tent

On the Miramar map, there are many makeshift camps in the desert. Sometimes, players can ambush there and wait for you to run over and defeat. In such a vast empty desert, this place is a great cover. However, these camps have a horizontal wooden beam, where you can peek at enemies hiding inside and shoot them down. If you often ambush here, be very careful.

Fly freely in the air

You can fly hovering without cheating. Unfortunately, this feature can only be used while playing option. This is the most incredible mystery in PUBG Mobile . Players must meet the special requirements of the system to hover in the air. Join a match with 3 players, including you, friends and opponents. When the opponent dies in the plane, you will receive the Chicken Dinner and then hover in the air.

The mysterious gun Kar98K

Kar98K is a very powerful sniper gun in Team Death Match mode (TDM). You can be killed with just one bullet without a headshot. With Kar98K, players can aim at the body of the defeated enemy with just one bullet. Kar98K is a powerful sniper gun in Death Match mode. If you still doubt, try and confirm.

6 seconds

In TDM mode, you will take 6 seconds to recover and another 6 seconds to return to the match after death. Six seconds seems to be enough to regenerate in this mode. Try playing TDM and counting to see if that is the case.

Stop climbing

When an ambush is detected in front of you when you climb a wall or an object. You can cancel the climb by pointing down the control cursor. This is not fun, but at least it can help you survive until the last round.

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