Top 7 unique strategy games for iOS and Android

Here are 7 top iOS and Android games on the topic of tactics for the phone. You can download games to relieve stress after stressful working days.

1. World at Arms

This is a game that combines construction and tactics, the task of the player is to command his army to develop the city. During the game, you need a lot of time to collect the resources needed to build. World at Arms allows players to participate in battles on different terrains, especially the ability to connect via Facebook.

2. March of Empires

The mission of the player in the March of Empires is to embark on a battle to regain kingship to unify the territory. Therefore, you need to strengthen the castle and build a strong army to be able to defeat the opponents.

3. Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics

Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics was developed by HeroCraft Ltd with content about the second world war. The task of the player in the game is to remove the historical limits to make the task in a simpler direction. From there, you can create your own new political institutions and command the entire army in Europe

4. World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

The content of this game is based on the second world war. Accordingly, your task is to pick a nation, build armies and join battles with many different players to create a mighty alliance.

5. 1943 Deadly Desert

This is a turn-based strategy game with the context of World War II. In the game, players will have the opportunity to lead an army to participate in fierce desert battles. Please show your ingenuity and ingenuity in the role of commander to win offline.

6. 1941 Frozen Front

This strategy game also takes place in the eastern front during World War II. Accordingly, players need to choose to play on two opposing sides, Germany and the Soviet Union. As a military commander, you need to devise the most appropriate and fastest tactics to defeat enemies with the use of tanks, infantry and bombers.

7. Clash of kings

This is a real-time strategy game that is worth playing. Accordingly, your mission is to build your own castle and train your army to unify the seven kingdoms in the vicinity.

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Top 3 games with the most beautiful graphics ever

Playing games with beautiful graphics like real life is always the desire of every gamer. But to be able to run smoothly such games requiring gamers to have an extremely powerful PC configuration.

Here are the most demanding hardware games ever!

1. Crysis

Crysis has always been mentioned as one of the most powerful hardware killer games of all time. In 2007 when it was first released, the graphics technology of this FPS shooter was so terrible that no PC system at the time could help gamers experience smooth games at the highest settings.

In 2007, in order to play Crysis at 60 fps, gamers were required to reduce their image settings to medium. Across the forums, the largest gaming community in the world shares the experience set up to be able to experience Crysis as smoothly as possible. As of 2017, there has been a stronger upgrade of the hardware for gamers to enjoy Crysis at the highest setting smoothly. However, the price to own a PC to meet such a requirement is not cheap at all, up to hundreds of millions of dong.

2. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game with extreme co-op support and is feverish on gaming forums. The graphics of the game can be said to be amazing with the authenticity and reproducing details such as rivers, lakes, forests, dinosaurs, sharks extremely real. The recommended configuration for playing ARK: Survival Evolved is completely different from the necessary configuration to be able to operate the game at the highest setting.

Specifically, if you have a CPU set configured as above, you will be able to play the game at 20 fps and have to reduce almost the picture settings to medium. To be able to play games smoothly at 60 fps and set the highest, the hardware requirements will need 5-10 times higher than the minimum.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Although there are many opinions in the community that The Witcher 3 actually does not sparkle as the pictures serve PR purposes for the game, but we still have to admit that it is a real product. requires extremely high PC hardware configuration. To be able to enjoy all the great features of the game, you must open all graphics tweaks to the maximum and reach 60 fps.


The Witcher 3 has created a new graphical standard for the PC RPG genre that very few game products in its class can do.

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A combination of 3 new multi-genre mobile games just released

A lot of new mobile game projects are diverse in many genres of role-playing, action, tactics,… with interesting gameplay has been released.

1. Disgaea 1 Complete

The Nippon Ichi Software’s Disgaea series is one of the most successful names in the Japanese-style role-playing genre. It is money to Disgaea 1 Complete released later.

The game belongs to the role-playing strategy genre in the form of cross-border possession of simple 2D graphics, franchised based on the popular turn-based strategy role-playing game Disgaea and is currently available on Android. The characteristics that bring about the success of Disgaea are the ingenious blend of deep, complex gameplay combined with a very humorous storyline that has been inherited by Disgaea 1 Complete.

2. Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is an obstacle-based physics game based on the unique side-scrolling game series. It attracted billions of online games on Windows and later on iOS. A few days ago, it was pushed by the developer to Google Play. Players will immerse in a reckless bicycle rider, do not equip themselves with the necessary protective gear but have plunged into a tough road, despite all serious accidents on the dangerous rife journey towards before.

This fun game is divided into several levels. Each level puts you in control of a specific character. Your character will have to go through a series of deadly traps to reach the final destination. At the beginning when it was launched on iOS, the game has 15 screens with 15 different layouts accompanied by a lot of surprises that make gamers surprised and curious.

3. Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade

Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade brings players to old-school fighting games like Final Fight, Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. Your mission is to travel through vast areas of Metro, complete missions, defeat challenging bosses, unlock unique new warriors, and collect pets.

The characters you control are designed to be extremely cute chibi. Each character will have a different set of characteristics and skills, such as Luwan will use many auxiliary weapons and Mayor will use his fists to attack the enemy.

You do not need to spend too much time getting acquainted with the game controller because they are extremely simple. The moves are output by pressing the screen, you can perform special attacks by pressing the virtual keys on the screen.

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Top 4 good games for Windows Phone

Although the Windows Store is quite limited, the titles of this system are very good.

Heli Heli

The latest dogfight game released by Game Troopers has landed in the Windows Store. Heli Heli still follows the style of the classic aircraft shooting game series with familiar shoot-em-up gameplay. Possessing beautiful, sharp 3D graphics, Heli Heli is highly appreciated by players compared to other aircraft shooting products on the Store. However, the size of the game is quite large, about 800MB. Anyway, for gamers who love beauty, this is still an acceptable number.

The control mechanism is quite simple. You only need to use one finger to move your aircraft to avoid bullets, destroy enemies, collect coins. Another bright spot is that the screen system is also very diverse, bringing high challenges for players.

Mini Golf Buddies

As a 3D game that simulates Golf battles, the gameplay of Mini Golf Buddies is quite simple and for all ages. Your only goal is to put the ball in the hole within a certain time period. The game arranges complex obstacles and valuable coins to create challenges. In particular, Mini Golf Buddies also has a multiplayer mode (4 people), which helps players connect and compete with each other. The system of characters in the game is also very rich, you will need to collect money after each match to upgrade gradually.

Chameleon Run

This game is causing fever for the Windows Phone user community. With addictive platform gameplay, it quickly became the entertainment choice of many gamers. Chameleon Run requires the player to have an eye for sight as well as agility and accuracy in control. After breaking through on iOS and Android operating systems, Chameleon Run has officially launched the Windows Store so far.

Of course, beauty is still in color. Just have unexpected obstacles, color changes constantly and high speed, must be a skilled gamer to be able to conquer this game. Otherwise, replaying many times is very normal.

FIFA Mobile Soccer

Are you a fan of the FIFA series but can’t keep up with the computer? Download FIFA Mobile Soccer now. Build and manage your own squad with newly added features. FIFA Mobile Soccer is now much better. Everything has been completely redesigned and optimized for mobile devices with a capacity of only 100MB.

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Top 3 hit games but quickly fell into oblivion

Homefront: The Revolution

Set in the post-war America with North Korea, and the winner is Korea. You play as a boy leading a group to create a revolution to overthrow North Korea. With the storyline promising to be very attractive and open-world shooting gameplay, the game is extremely well received by gamers and awaits every day to wait for it to launch. But Homefront disappoints with the silliest aspects, the game itself has a coherent, confusing. Plus the gameplay is not smooth, many bugs on the day of launch, Homefront really drowned in the negative comments and gradually disappeared on the blockbuster map in 2016.

Of course, for the bug, the game has been fixed after the updates, but in addition to the plot that is a bit lacking in the beginning, Homefront: The Revolution is not bad. The idea of ​​the game is quite good, the graphics are also very beautiful, generally, if you have never heard of this game, just try it, maybe you will like it.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

The next version of Star War: The Force Unleashed which is already very successful sounds very promising, isn’t it? The game has all the elements to make it a true blockbuster, the Star Wars franchise, the predecessor of a successful title, and of course Jedi and Sith. But the game was pushed out so fast, it felt like instant noodles. The plot is short, nothing special, the gameplay is normal, not very attractive. Perhaps because the previous version of the game sold like hotcakes, this time they only made the next version to make money.


After 10 years of development, pouring in enthusiasm, calling the development team from games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age to focus on Anthem’s investment. The marketing campaign is also very monumental with many confident statements from EA, Anthem has insolvent. The game was launched in February 2019 with much expectation from EA but no one paid for this game, it was the entire episode.

What made the player pay attention to Anthem is the suit of armor in the trailer, one feels to be flying in this armor circling the map. So the reducers only fly for 30 seconds and have to recharge quite a long time, while other factors such as the plot, gameplay or graphics, everything is not too impressive, generally a pretty tryhard product but goes the wrong direction that users expect.

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7 classic games in the world – Did you know?

The names seem to fall into oblivion but if you can memorize them all, you are definitely lucky to have the best experiences in life.

These games are extremely famous for the 8X and 9X generations that have been raining for a while. Surely many readers will feel moved when recalling the beautiful time of childhood.

1. Battle City

Do you still recognize this childhood 4-button game? Battle City, also known as the game “Tank shooting” was released by Namcot in 1990. This is also a game that deserves to be ranked as a legend because of its extremely high popularity.

Battle City at first glance is not very simple, but very addictive. You will have to control your tank to protect the city and destroy all enemy tanks to pass the screen. Interestingly, the game also supports players with special items such as protective shovels, cyber tanks, grenades so that people can overcome difficult levels more easily.

However, these items only appear for a moment and then disappear forever if you do not take advantage of them to eat them. This hit game has a total of 35 levels from easy to difficult and not everyone can clear this game easily.

2. Bomberman

Bomberman or with the simple name “Bombing” has been with many generations of 8X, 9X through the years of childhood from the early days when he knew what a 4-button electronic device was. The 4-button electronic version was released by Hudson Soft in 1987. In this game, players will control the Bomberman character, place bombs to destroy all monsters in a maze and through a new screen.

But few people know, Bomberman’s fate is so utterly unbearable. However, it was also the only flourishing period that Bomberman had. With the developer ‘s confusing decision, Bomberman was distorted into extremely bizarre images.

It is the main character from a cute Ninja to the image of an assassin with claws and shackles full of himself. Because of this wrong decision, the Bomberman series soon downgraded without braking, almost disappeared from the world of gaming.

3. Super Mario Bros

Perhaps no one is no stranger to the legendary game Super Mario Bros, also known as the game “Eat Mushrooms” by Nintendo. The Japanese company has sold 500 million products related to this game. Super Mario deserves to be one of the legendary games not only associated with the childhood of many users but also a revolution that revived the video game industry after a 2-year crisis. The gameplay is very simple but also no less interesting.

Players will play the role of the plumber Mario, discovering the mystery behind the question mark cells and overcoming the poisonous Goomba mushrooms, trying to eat as many special mushrooms to become bigger as possible. It’s been a long time since Super Mario Bros was born, experiencing many successes and failures but we can’t and should not deny that Super Mario really has a strong attraction in the hearts of many generations of gamers.

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3 best shooting games on mobile devices

Shooting is an integral part of the gaming world. The drama brings impressive action scenes, making players feel like a hero even for a moment.

This article will take a look at the 3 best first-person shooter (FPS) and 3rd-person shooter (TPS) titles available today for Android and iOS.

1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The fifth installment in the FPS Modern Combat game series has better graphics than previous versions, offering a rich single-player mode and a tightly built story, multi-player options, where players match Team and face each other in battle.

Modern Combat 5 introduces four types of soldiers to choose from: Assault (raid soldiers), Heavy (soldiers equipped with strong firepower), Recon (reconnaissance), or Sniper (sniper). Each soldier will have a style to play with each other, and the player will later develop their character skills.

Single-player mode is also greatly improved compared to Modern Combat 4, bringing players into different environments, from Venice to Tokyo, and this is also pure creativity in gameplay – from protection missions to dangerous action sequences to survive, or the attack from helicopters.

However, the new multiplayer mode is where things really go crazy with team battles, global and in-team chat, leaderboards, and many other things to get players crushed.

2. Dead Trigger 2

Like the first part of the game, in Dead Trigger 2, the player must survive in any way and resist the attacks of hungry zombies. However, now players will not be alone against the world.

Dead Trigger 2 focuses on multiplayer mode, the story in the game develops in real time for all participants. And the efforts of all players will contribute to the story.

The graphics improvements are also easy to recognize. In Dead Trigger 2, players can see images reflected on the water in real time, plants and physics in the game reasonable. The game screen is also expanded, allowing players to explore freely as well as many places to hide.

3. Unkilled

Referring to the zombie shooting game genre, Unkilled is one of the best new games: experience New York City filled with zombies and as Joe character, the player is tasked with Wolfpack units to fight off the attack of zombies.

With over 300 missions, lots of different types of zombies and last boss zombies, diverse weapon systems (shotgun, of course, but also sniper guns and more) the game promises to bring the best experience. The game supports MFG controls and a variety of gamepads.

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Great online games are both free and beautiful graphics

Gather all the top free online games of the top gamers will be fascinated.

Islands of Nyne

Recently, the super-attractive online game Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale has officially announced its free opening through the Steam distribution system.

Islands of Nyne is a new Battle Royale genre game with a future theme with gameplay similar to PUBG, but the impressive point is that this game has extremely excellent graphics. In July, it was the game that once surpassed its upper classes on Steam’s bestseller charts, but didn’t last long. This is free, so this product promises to become a lot more crowded!

If you do not know, Islands of Nyne was developed for 3 years as a first-person shooter game, but then rotated into the Battle Royale genre for the right style. It was the sci-fi idea that made this game’s distinctive highlight, from shooting to moving, flying, and acrobatic fun.

The Human Studios LLC team has been developing the Islands of Nyne since the end of 2015 with a visionary, unique PvP features that make it easy to change to serve the market. Currently, the game promises to bring the feeling of confrontation between gamers feeling much more excited than PUBG or any other game like Fortnite or Rules of Survival because of the fast and stressful gun battle to fierce.

In addition, the game also focuses on a lot of balance when the Islands of Nyne has an extremely large weapons system with specific strengths and weaknesses. The gameplay is very much dependent on the skill of the gamer, not just the hegemony guns that give an advantage!

Relic Raiders

All 16 players will appear in a fiery battlefield, where the winner is the last survivor. The game has a lot of different character classes, each with their own unique stats and unique weapons. Although there is no leveling system, you can increase your fighting or resisting abilities by destroying the energy cores scattered on the area. Relic Raiders combines the gameplay of a typical MOBA game with a twin-stick shooting mechanism that creates a dizzying style of the personalization.

There will be more game modes, but right now in this initial test version, the main mode is called “Rise & Brawl”, which allows 16 players to appear in a narrowed area every time period. definitely to force people to fight each other. Assessing this is an interesting game, easy to get acquainted with many players, feels both great and attracted by danger. And emphasize again, it’s free, so why not try to start the battle right away?

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Mini World: Block Art – Sandbox game like Minecraft very well

Mini World: Block Art 0.39.6 is an open world-building game with cute graphics and attractive free-to-explore gameplay. If you want to find something new in the sandbox game genre like Minecraft, then don’t be afraid to try Mini World: Block Art.

Download Mini World: Block Art – free 3D sandbox game to start the adventure, discovering interesting with friends. The game has no levels or any restrictions. Players are free to create as they like. Easy multi-player settings let you connect your computer and phone anytime, anywhere. In this game, you can build a house, an apartment, a castle, even a city. You can also explore the underworld and embark on the challenge of the Black Dragon with your best friends.

The main feature of Mini World: Block Art

  • Giant sandbox world
  • Unique game by the unique engine and the lovely character design
  • Single-player or multiplayer
  • Upload or download works at Gallery, admire the MOD maps, games, beautiful works of others.
  • Multi-game modes: Survival, Creativity or mini-games of others anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible game customization


In survival mode, players need to collect resources, build shelter, tools and fight for survival. After having the resources, go explore the wildlife with your friends. Explore the vast cave, raise pandas in the bamboo forest or the black dragon war in the underworld. This easy-to-play mode is a great way to learn game mechanics and immerse yourself in the vast open world of adventure.


Unlimited creativity. In this mode, players are provided most resources from the beginning to build anything you want. You can create a giant city, a glittering mountain resort full of bamboo, a giant castle in the air, or experience the fun of farming with a bunch of interesting fantasy creatures.


Connect to the server and play some fun mini-games developed by the community. Play parkour, puzzle, FPS or strategy game. Play with or against friends.


Players can interact with other members. Download a map or share your own artwork for the world.

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PUBG Mobile: Super interesting mysteries that have solved

Detecting enemies in tents, hovering in the air, Kar98K gun, 6 seconds and stopping climbing are the mysteries that have answers in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is an exciting survival shooting game. Join the game, you have to fight with other players and try to become the last remaining. Besides the right skills and strategies, sometimes you need to know some tips and secrets to win.

Here are the hidden things in PUBG Mobile that not many players know.

Detect enemies in the tent

On the Miramar map, there are many makeshift camps in the desert. Sometimes, players can ambush there and wait for you to run over and defeat. In such a vast empty desert, this place is a great cover. However, these camps have a horizontal wooden beam, where you can peek at enemies hiding inside and shoot them down. If you often ambush here, be very careful.

Fly freely in the air

You can fly hovering without cheating. Unfortunately, this feature can only be used while playing option. This is the most incredible mystery in PUBG Mobile . Players must meet the special requirements of the system to hover in the air. Join a match with 3 players, including you, friends and opponents. When the opponent dies in the plane, you will receive the Chicken Dinner and then hover in the air.

The mysterious gun Kar98K

Kar98K is a very powerful sniper gun in Team Death Match mode (TDM). You can be killed with just one bullet without a headshot. With Kar98K, players can aim at the body of the defeated enemy with just one bullet. Kar98K is a powerful sniper gun in Death Match mode. If you still doubt, try and confirm.

6 seconds

In TDM mode, you will take 6 seconds to recover and another 6 seconds to return to the match after death. Six seconds seems to be enough to regenerate in this mode. Try playing TDM and counting to see if that is the case.

Stop climbing

When an ambush is detected in front of you when you climb a wall or an object. You can cancel the climb by pointing down the control cursor. This is not fun, but at least it can help you survive until the last round.

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