How will 5G change the future of games and VR technology?

Superfast wireless connection speeds and better technology support will help 5G change the way people play games and interact with computers today.

Virtual reality (VR) only needs a wearable device and an internet connection to visually experience places and events they have not been to or can not visit. Meanwhile, new online entertainment services, such as game streaming, are also becoming more popular.

Many advanced gadgets are being developed associated with 5G wireless network technology – the network generation that is promised to be 100 times faster than what is being experienced on smartphones today. The technology is also reliable and has a faster response rate due to low latency.

According to CNET, 5G networks reduce the current 20-millisecond signal latency to 1 millisecond, which is equivalent to the flash duration of the camera flash. Users can also download all the TV shows to their personal devices in just a few seconds, thanks to 5G.

However, this technology is not going to change the way we watch TV right now. In the next few years, with the support of 5G, people expect many changes in different fields. For example, a doctor can perform surgery by controlling a robot from thousands of kilometers away. Autonomous vehicles are also expected to take a new step, sensing and responding to the surrounding environment and communicating with each other. The internet will help track the vehicle’s route as well as identify the above hazard.

In the entertainment industry, a prime example is Facebook’s Oculus segment or Microsoft’s gaming division experimenting with creating a larger virtual world thanks to VR technology, with full details.

5G can make interactive entertainment affordable, regardless of users’ devices, supporting the development of today’s cloud gaming technology, allowing players to entertain on a super server at home is like watching movies on Netflix, HBO Max, AppleTV without having to download it.

Players also do not need bulky, heavy game machines plugged into the TV to experience. They just need to hire a huge configuration server from companies like Sony, Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, or Amazon to do the game console job.

Marija also said that games could change thanks to 5G technology, depending on the power of the cloud service provider’s server to be able to create everything differently, including building villains with Artificial intelligence is smarter against players or a rich place for them to explore.

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