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Islands of Nyne

Recently, the super-attractive online game Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale has officially announced its free opening through the Steam distribution system.

Islands of Nyne is a new Battle Royale genre game with a future theme with gameplay similar to PUBG, but the impressive point is that this game has extremely excellent graphics. In July, it was the game that once surpassed its upper classes on Steam’s bestseller charts, but didn’t last long. This is free, so this product promises to become a lot more crowded!

If you do not know, Islands of Nyne was developed for 3 years as a first-person shooter game, but then rotated into the Battle Royale genre for the right style. It was the sci-fi idea that made this game’s distinctive highlight, from shooting to moving, flying, and acrobatic fun.

The Human Studios LLC team has been developing the Islands of Nyne since the end of 2015 with a visionary, unique PvP features that make it easy to change to serve the market. Currently, the game promises to bring the feeling of confrontation between gamers feeling much more excited than PUBG or any other game like Fortnite or Rules of Survival because of the fast and stressful gun battle to fierce.

In addition, the game also focuses on a lot of balance when the Islands of Nyne has an extremely large weapons system with specific strengths and weaknesses. The gameplay is very much dependent on the skill of the gamer, not just the hegemony guns that give an advantage!

Relic Raiders

All 16 players will appear in a fiery battlefield, where the winner is the last survivor. The game has a lot of different character classes, each with their own unique stats and unique weapons. Although there is no leveling system, you can increase your fighting or resisting abilities by destroying the energy cores scattered on the area. Relic Raiders combines the gameplay of a typical MOBA game with a twin-stick shooting mechanism that creates a dizzying style of the personalization.

There will be more game modes, but right now in this initial test version, the main mode is called “Rise & Brawl”, which allows 16 players to appear in a narrowed area every time period. definitely to force people to fight each other. Assessing this is an interesting game, easy to get acquainted with many players, feels both great and attracted by danger. And emphasize again, it’s free, so why not try to start the battle right away?

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