Gabe Newell – Steam’s father shares a rare share with the Epic Games Store

In one of his rare feelings, “Saint Gabe”, the father of the Steam system said that the appearance of Epic would benefit all gamers in the world.

Accordingly, in an interview with Edge Magazine, a saint of PC gamers, said, “If only looking at the eyes, the appearance of the opponent is very annoying, but if you think about the long-term competition will be beneficial and useful for both parties”. The statement of the Steam boss seems to go against what the loyal fans of this system think. They always thought that Gabe Newell would not like Epic’s game delivery system, because they used to play exclusive cards, so many of the top games could not be released on other platforms, making it difficult for gamers want to enjoy these games (this is a problem Steam was born to solve).

Gabe Newell is not afraid of a new competitor, he said that it will help Steam grow as well as make the management team at both Steam and competitors pay attention to their products. They will have to actively innovate to retain customers that are tough gamers here. Maybe “saints” did not say Epic directly changed Steam, but now they have changed a lot in typical operating policies such as while Epic even better percentage of profits, they censored very carefully. content on his store. And Steam is increasingly open and almost gives unlimited access to game makers to create content freely. That’s the management side.On the Steam platform, we saw their launch of the new Steam Library system after many years of nothing innovation, and then features like Steam Remote Play and Remote Play Together were released, upgrading its new game discovery system, not only aimed at gamers, but they also created Steam Labs and doing many other activities aimed at game developers to invite them to come to me.

With these changes, Steam has been achieving many new successes, including the fact that they reach 6.2 million people playing the game at the same time, hopefully with the lucid vision of Mr. Gabe Newell Steam can continue to succeed.

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