Disadvantages of online games with multiplayer

Playing games bring both benefits and drawbacks for players. All depend on your choice and decision.

One of the most favorite way in online games is connecting with multiplayers who treat as partner or rival. They contribute to your status and feeling in games. 

Through good multiplayers, you can make more good friends, improve social relationships then follow positive strengths from them. However, they still cause some drawbacks.

Today we share top disadvantages when you play online games with multiplayers. Following to consider and find proper multiplayers for your games.

1/ It requires more hours for playing

When connecting with multiple other competitors, you need to follow the game in a longer time. 

For example, you have to wait enough members to start this game whereas you can play any free time in the individual games. Or, you can’t break the rule to stop game while others continue to focus to the end of game. It looks impolite although it’s necessary to stop it.

Another disadvantage, you can be affected to the speed of network when playing with multiple players. For one gamer, speed is extremely important to make good condition and comfortable spirit. Sure that players fell not satisfactory when facing this issue.

2/ Risk for health

According to bad consequence of using more hours for playtime, you are easy to meet healthy problems.

As well you play in individual mode, you need to focus a long time for one game play. In the online games with multiplayer, you also take a long time to sit down and stare at the PC screen. Even, time to spend on multi players is longer than you play it alone.

Some healthy problem can happen when you sit one seat a long time such as eye tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, diseases about joints, nerves and bones as well obesity. 

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