Diablo IV was officially revealed in BlizzCon 2019

The highly anticipated sequel in this action RPG series has been revealed in BlizzCon 2019.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced Diablo IV, the highly anticipated sequel in this action-RPG series that came out in BlizzCon 2019, where attendees are eager to be the first in the world to play a demo of game.

Diablo IV draws players into an intriguing storyline and gives them the freedom to explore and forge their own path through the vast vision of the Sanctuary world, a bleak and shattered hell. True to the origin of the franchise, Diablo IV will bring battle, creepy and diverse monsters, a monumental hunt for legendary booty.

Players will find adventures scattered across a land rooted in unique ecosystems and inhabited by dangerous new enemies. They will delve into random dungeons filled with unpredictable enemies and unimaginable treasures.

While continuing to provide full support for solo play and team collaboration, Diablo IV will also provide opportunities for groups of players to encounter each other in the same vast world, whether they can solve great challenges. better or even killing each other in the Player vs Player match.

In Diablo IV, players will try to bring hope back to the world by destroying the evil in all its vile incarnations from devouring devils to brand new drowned corpses. appeared from the coast to drag their victims to the grave.

For the first time in the series, the Sanctuary will be a seamless, contiguous land covering diverse areas ranging from the burning Kejhistan desert, to the devastated Scosglen forest of the werewolves, to the wilderness. The harsh and rugged wilderness of the arid steppe.

Barbarians, Sorceress, Druid are 3 iconic characters of Diablo IV. Players will be able to experiment and explore countless ways of building characters through talented and custom skill trees, a loot system filled with legendary items and settings to collect, and even Individual mounts to overcome the open world.

Diablo IV is being developed using modern technology. This technology is at the heart of everything that players will see, hear and feel about delivering a much higher fidelity and a more engaging experience.

It opens up a myriad of possibilities for the Diablo series of games, from smooth character animations, like Druid’s fluid transformations, to the vast, seamless world players who will come across to search for the next underground dungeon. follow. Diablo IV, with the harsher and more deadly world, is currently under development and will be available in the future on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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