7 classic games in the world – Did you know?

The names seem to fall into oblivion but if you can memorize them all, you are definitely lucky to have the best experiences in life.

These games are extremely famous for the 8X and 9X generations that have been raining for a while. Surely many readers will feel moved when recalling the beautiful time of childhood.

1. Battle City

Do you still recognize this childhood 4-button game? Battle City, also known as the game “Tank shooting” was released by Namcot in 1990. This is also a game that deserves to be ranked as a legend because of its extremely high popularity.

Battle City at first glance is not very simple, but very addictive. You will have to control your tank to protect the city and destroy all enemy tanks to pass the screen. Interestingly, the game also supports players with special items such as protective shovels, cyber tanks, grenades so that people can overcome difficult levels more easily.

However, these items only appear for a moment and then disappear forever if you do not take advantage of them to eat them. This hit game has a total of 35 levels from easy to difficult and not everyone can clear this game easily.

2. Bomberman

Bomberman or with the simple name “Bombing” has been with many generations of 8X, 9X through the years of childhood from the early days when he knew what a 4-button electronic device was. The 4-button electronic version was released by Hudson Soft in 1987. In this game, players will control the Bomberman character, place bombs to destroy all monsters in a maze and through a new screen.

But few people know, Bomberman’s fate is so utterly unbearable. However, it was also the only flourishing period that Bomberman had. With the developer ‘s confusing decision, Bomberman was distorted into extremely bizarre images.

It is the main character from a cute Ninja to the image of an assassin with claws and shackles full of himself. Because of this wrong decision, the Bomberman series soon downgraded without braking, almost disappeared from the world of gaming.

3. Super Mario Bros

Perhaps no one is no stranger to the legendary game Super Mario Bros, also known as the game “Eat Mushrooms” by Nintendo. The Japanese company has sold 500 million products related to this game. Super Mario deserves to be one of the legendary games not only associated with the childhood of many users but also a revolution that revived the video game industry after a 2-year crisis. The gameplay is very simple but also no less interesting.

Players will play the role of the plumber Mario, discovering the mystery behind the question mark cells and overcoming the poisonous Goomba mushrooms, trying to eat as many special mushrooms to become bigger as possible. It’s been a long time since Super Mario Bros was born, experiencing many successes and failures but we can’t and should not deny that Super Mario really has a strong attraction in the hearts of many generations of gamers.

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