5 extremely mobile game titles for babies

Choosing a game for children is not easy because carefully considering the inappropriate elements in the game such as violence or sex to have a satisfactory game product.

There are many types of learning and playing games while helping children love entertainment while developing their children’s agility and flexible handling methods.

Here are the top 3 games suitable for young children, parents can safely download games for children to play without having to worry about the risks that may occur.

1. Toca Kitchen 2

For those who love to cook, Toca Kitchen 2 will be a reasonable choice. Released by Toca Boca AB, the game will help children interact directly, do everything from processing to cleaning. From the materials provided, children will be able to unleash creativity with many unique formulas, break the way and cater for four special characters corresponding to each character’s preferences.

Toca Kitchen 2

They will be very creative because the game does not provide rigid models for them to follow. This game promises to please the baby and the fastidious parents. Maybe after this game, the kids will always love the chef?

2. Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Following the blockbuster Inside Out, which was released by Disney Pixar, the game Outside Out Thought Bubbles was released by mobile game developer Disney Mobile Game with the content revolving around an 11-year-old girl with emotional nuances.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

In the game, the kids are tasked with matching the balloons to the same color and breaking them – it seems quite simple, isn’t it? Each color represents different types of emotions like sadness or anger. The characters in the game are Joy, Sadness and Anger respectively. The game will unlock each different character when increasing the level.

Playful 3D graphics, combining voice acting and multi-emotional characters promise to make babies excited. The parents when playing this game can partly understand the emotions of their teenage years.

3. Toysburg

Toysburg is the game that can be said to be the weirdest ever seen on mobile, released by Angry Mob Game, but the game gives children the ability to create infinite possibilities and especially the game is suitable for all ages.


In the game, the kids will transform into a young man, possessing superpowers, transforming his ideas into real things. The talent of this talented guy helps Toysburg town to enjoy bargains with a decent business. In addition, they must use their mind with the help of Elder Mustard to save their sister who was abducted by the dark forces.

Beautiful 3D graphics with state-of-the-art effects, cartoon-style design, funny and colourful characters together create a world that probably only exists in the childhood imagination. The children will feel extremely excited, unleash creativity with endless imagination.

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