Advantages of online games with multiplayer

Playing games can bring a lot of benefits about mental, though as well soft skills for players in case they control it properly.

To create more interest for online games, developers have made many options and modes. You can play alone or multiplayer or a couple, so on. 

In this article, we will share advantages of online games when you connect with multiplayers.

In the previous article, we have ever referred to 3 benefits like promoting association, improving self-reliance and social interaction skill. Now, we continue to discuss other advantages.

4/ Reaching more exciting experience

As normal, players usually choose individual mode to start game. They need to take time to improve experience and skills for this online game.

However, when they are more mature, they tend to fight other players to express their ability. The fact that dealing with other players are different from individual mode, so it brings more exciting experience for playing.

When players have fixed competitors or partners, they have to focus on strategies and techniques more so that they can become winners. In brief, they are more conscious to reach target.

5/ Making new friends

In multiplayers mode, players will have more choices to make friends online who are the same favorite. 

It’s not necessary they are friends on match. Even, players can make friends opponents. All are games, but in the real life, they have more common points to share and talk each other. 

So many cases friends from the online game become good friends in the real life. Because they are partners in games, they are easy to understand and share troubles or difficulties in their lives. 

Furthermore, as far as we know, online games bring series of benefits to develop thought, brain and skills. Therefore, they can support each other to develop their abilities better.

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Advantages of online games with multiplayer

Online games become one of way for relaxing in the modern life. The truth that it’s one of the most favorite source because it’s convenient and also brings a lot of benefits for mental and fitness.

When you can get balance to play games suitably, you feel comfortable and happy with online games.

If you are confusing which advantages of online games, you can follow this article to understand more things about games when playing it with multiplayers.

1/ Promoting association

When playing with other teammates, it requires gamers to improve teamwork skills which is necessary to build up public network and reach good result in game. Day by day, gamers will be improved it fluently and create mindset to solve other jobs in life.

As a habit, they do as their experience are applied inside the game.

2/ Improving self-reliance

Through multiplayer games, gamers can increase self-confidence when they have to practice skills among the crowded. Playing in a team or group is not easy and simple. They have to follow rules of a team but also take advantage of strength to become outstanding.

It’s great when it is a competition as well a supportive story among players. Despite multiplayer online games, they still prefer to do more and more rewards. To do this target, it requires gamers to be self-confident and reliant to represent and express themselves. So, this skill is good to use for other jobs in life.

3/ Improving social interaction skill

During playing with multiplayers, gamers need to interact with others. It is necessary to contact and connect to reach the good result for team.

Gamers will improve competition and alliances skills at the same time. So, kills about social interaction ability are good and highly recommended.

In the online game, there are many ways to communicated with other players such as chatting, talking or using body languages.

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Top free games to play in Android

In this article, we share top free and great games to play in Android. It’s better to play game in smart phone in free time. It can help your mind to relax and rest after pressure of jobs or society relationship. In addition, games also improve your mind more effectively with good memory and thinking.

So, once you can use a proper time for games, you can take advantage of games also.

3/ Disc Drivin’ 2

Is is a diving game which is based on shuffleboard of Mario Kart. It is reviewed that it is a strange concoction game for multiplayer players.

Players feel amazing when they can get experience as bonkers. It means that they are flicking with little tracks in space, then they have a tension flight with opponents. To overcome objects, you need to use shortcuts, zip hazards as well power usefully.

There are some dangers or difficult to prevent their trip. But it makes their race more interesting. It’s right to consider that Disc drivin’ 2 is one of the best race in mobile for Android.

4/ Asphalt 9: Legends

Another race gam for your reference. Asphalt 9 has been got strengths from its predecessor, it usually is recommended for trial in Android smartphone.

During the race, players look like they are living in arcade races at insane speed. At this space, racing cars can reach the best speed. To warm up well, players need good skills to adjust streamlining controls. For example, swiping or turning or speeding up to have good driving method and overcome opponents.

The most important they should focus is timing. They only have a limited time to complete all difficulties.

After that, Asphalt 9 is voted as one of the most eye-dazzling racing game.

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Top free games to play in Android

Playing game is one of main factors for anyone to choose a smart phone. It’s convenient to relax anytime you want. The fact that, there are some games purchased or free. Or several online games allow you to get experience limited functions. To play enough features, you need to pay money. It depends other policies of brand.

In this article, we recommend top free games to play in Android. Maybe it can be applied to IOS operation or not. But assure that it is available to welcome you on Android operation.

1/ Another Eden

This game is around story of cat which can be beyond time and space with many cherry on top. The production of Another Eden is JRPG who bring great experience compared other competitions in this market.

This game is easy and simple to follow, therefore it is a good choice for both new players as well people rarely play game to relax.


If you are a fan of action game, AFPG is a good recommendation. It has been launched by RPGs since early months in 2020.

Although it has the same style as Diablo series, it is set up new features and outstanding modes to make difference. In addition, it also is reviewed that it has good graphics and phenomenal music to make more interesting for players.

Coming ARPG, you can not only see the dark, it is an opportunity to deal and earn money on transaction. Particularly you can earn money by many ways from in-app purchase. It means this game will not be paid money to win. You have to overcome challenge for winning. It is a new aspect compared other games on Play store.

Another strong feature, ARPG has been invested graphics and music professionally to make effective reactions.

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Call of Duty: Warzone – Some important information news players need to know

Call of Duty: Warzone is an attractive game with lots of potential to become a big playground in the near future. However, accessing the game will cause difficulties for many gamers.

Call of Duty: Warzone is the spin-off part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, built on the Battle Royale style shooting/survival gameplay structure, similar to PUBG, Apex Legends … Especially, Call of Duty: Warzone is completely free and not limited to any region/market, which makes the game a very interesting name at the moment.

Possessing quite complex gameplay and many unique features, Call of Duty: Warzone is not an accessible name for the majority of gamers.

Q: Is this game heavy?

A: According to the announcement from Activision, you need at least Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD Radeon HD 7950. But according to the Youth Game experience, This level of configuration is unreasonable because the game seems to be “eating” more resources than theory.

However, if your device plays smoothly PUBG, Battlefield 5 … at medium settings, then confidently experience Call of Duty: Warzone.

Q: Does the game have a lot of bugs right now?

A: Yes, and this is not a surprise, many other blockbuster products have encountered problems during the first release hours. Currently, Call of Duty: Warzone is experiencing the following common errors: causing the CPU to be “bottlenecked”, Crash after a few minutes into the game, the server is not stable … Thanh Nien Game recommends that you upgrade the new driver best for your GPU, and turn off all applications that run in the background when playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

Q: Do I need to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to experience Call of Duty: Warzone?

A: Absolutely not, Call of Duty: Warzone is a free game and you do not need to spend a dime.

Q: Does Call of Duty: Warzone look like PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite?

A: Similar to the aforementioned games, Call of Duty: Warzone is also in the Battle Royale style shooting/survival genre. However, it will be difficult to compare in detail.

The game possesses a fast game rhythm similar to Apex Legends, with many features that encourage fighting (especially the ability to display enemy positions clearly at certain times, as well as the ability to accurately Ping at the enemy to inform teammates), through which the camp (“hiding” at an ambush position) will also be more difficult. However, similar to PUBG, all players are equal and do not own a separate skill set like Apex Legends.

Q: What about the revival mechanism?

A: This is what makes Call of Duty: Warzone unique. When defeated, the player will not immediately “die” but will be taken to the Gulag – a fictional place in the game. Here, you will have to fight 1 against 1 with another random player (which was previously defeated in the main map), the winner of this match will be returned to the main map and continue to participate. fight with teammates.

If you lose in this match, you still have a chance to return to the game if your teammates accumulate enough money and revive you for $ 4,500 at the store locations on the map.

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Gabe Newell – Steam’s father shares a rare share with the Epic Games Store

In one of his rare feelings, “Saint Gabe”, the father of the Steam system said that the appearance of Epic would benefit all gamers in the world.

Accordingly, in an interview with Edge Magazine, a saint of PC gamers, said, “If only looking at the eyes, the appearance of the opponent is very annoying, but if you think about the long-term competition will be beneficial and useful for both parties”. The statement of the Steam boss seems to go against what the loyal fans of this system think. They always thought that Gabe Newell would not like Epic’s game delivery system, because they used to play exclusive cards, so many of the top games could not be released on other platforms, making it difficult for gamers want to enjoy these games (this is a problem Steam was born to solve).

Gabe Newell is not afraid of a new competitor, he said that it will help Steam grow as well as make the management team at both Steam and competitors pay attention to their products. They will have to actively innovate to retain customers that are tough gamers here. Maybe “saints” did not say Epic directly changed Steam, but now they have changed a lot in typical operating policies such as while Epic even better percentage of profits, they censored very carefully. content on his store. And Steam is increasingly open and almost gives unlimited access to game makers to create content freely. That’s the management side.On the Steam platform, we saw their launch of the new Steam Library system after many years of nothing innovation, and then features like Steam Remote Play and Remote Play Together were released, upgrading its new game discovery system, not only aimed at gamers, but they also created Steam Labs and doing many other activities aimed at game developers to invite them to come to me.

With these changes, Steam has been achieving many new successes, including the fact that they reach 6.2 million people playing the game at the same time, hopefully with the lucid vision of Mr. Gabe Newell Steam can continue to succeed.

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4 fun games on PC should be installed for your babies

Selecting games for children on the PC is not a simple task, so you should consider carefully before installing to avoid the bad things for young children.

The market for children’s games on the PC is not really strong developed. However, there are still quality products for babies.

Okay, let’s come to lots of fun games in this article.

1. Epic Mickey series

At the beginning of this list, we will mention a series that is not popular with Disney. the gaming community does not appreciate this product. However, with the simple gameplay, eye-catching graphics plus the concentration of a lot of Disney characters (from classic to modern), with the context stretching through many famous films of the company.

1. Epic Mickey series

2. Angry Birds series

Needless to say, this product, after storming the world with dozens of different versions, Angry Birds has and will still be the game that parents choose for their children. The game has simple, colorful gameplay and difficulty levels for you to play with your child. This is also one of the best computer games for kids you should install.

2. Angry Birds series

3. Scribblenauts series

A series is not well known by many. Scribblenauts belongs to the category of puzzle games, in the game you will play the boy Maxwell. With his magic pen, Maxwell will create the objects needed to solve puzzles, help people and almost everything in the game. A special feature is that instead of drawing those tools, the game will force you to write their names.

3. Scribblenauts series

4. Kinectimals

With the easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics and the beautiful graphics, and mostly geared towards animal lovers, this product is especially suitable for children (and those who have nothing to do). You could also use this as a tool to help children get acquainted along with animals as well as learn how to love and care about animals. And then, you will know where there are other members of the family.

4. Kinectimals
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Top 3 good cooking games on the phone

Not as noisy and exciting as racing games, the simulation games always have a light entertainment space but equally attractive by a realistic simulation game.

The topic of cooking games has long been a popular game series. Most cooking games are highly entertaining, demonstrating each person’s cooking ability. Or players can try to overcome challenges in the game.

The following article will summarize some cooking games with many downloads on the phone.

1. Game Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a popular cooking game, produced in 2006. Coming to the world of Cooking Mama, you will be able to prepare your own dishes according to the regulations, through fake actions. Actions such as cutting onions, kneading dough, molding meat, etc. will all appear in the game and you will be the one who performs all the steps.

Cooking Mama has all over 30 different menus for you to prepare. The food will come from many parts of the world. Each mission completed the right process and the fastest player will receive the maximum number of stars.

In addition to the task of cooking, you can try yourself with 20 mini-games like catching balls, shooting balls, farms,… The game also opens the ranking mode with friends around the world.

2. Game Toca Kitchen 2

Who said cooking dishes need to be delicious and beautiful? With Toca Kitchen 2 world, everything will not follow any principles. Players can cook their own dishes, in their own way, with ingredients in the kitchen to entertain guests.

In the recent update, the game has added many other cooking ingredients, as well as other features such as increasing the emotions of guests when tasting food, new cooking utensils.

3. Game Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever goes a bit in the direction of time management, serving customers more than focusing on the process of standing in the kitchen. In some hotel and restaurant owners, you will stand in the kitchen and must prepare all the dishes required from customers.

The game requires quick skills, fast eyes and good memory to serve quickly and accurately the menu that customers order. There will be over 300 levels to play with 250 different dishes in increasing challenges. Unlocking each cooking venue are exciting waiting for you.

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Top 4 general card game with beautiful 3D graphics

Possessing a familiar but not boring general card playing style, accompanied by beautiful 3D graphics, these 4 games will be the choice not to be missed.

Fist Of The North Star: Legends Revive

Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE follows the original manga closely. Players will play the role of Kenshiro, the martial art master Hokuto Shinken, you will wander in a harsh post-apocalyptic world to find and punish the wicked.

You can also collect other famous characters from this series on your squad in the familiar card collecting game. The most attractive feature of Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE gameplay is the perfect reproduction of the brand’s unique martial arts moves.

Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void

Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void owns the iconic characters in the Light Novel series such as DuRaRaRa !!, Shakugan no Shana, Sword Art Online, A Sure Science Railgun,…

The collection of characters in the game is divided into two main categories: Main characters and Support characters for players to summon freely. The main characters are the heroes that will appear in most battles and the Support characters are the heroes added to the list of available skills.

And one of the features that makes the game so attractive is the re-creation of fancy 3D skill effects, making it feel like you’re watching a real Anime movie!

Fighter King

Fighter King Mobile uses vivid 3D graphics, character designs designed according to the original standards. Accompanied by skills, tactic effects perfectly simulate the special moves of each character in the game subtly to every detail.

Like other games of the same genre, players of the Fighter King Mobile game will undergo the Story mode in the form of a challenge. Since then recruiting more characters, completing the squad and fostering the squad to cope with the more difficult frontier and action-packed arena activities.

Crossover: The Ranker

In Crossover: The Ranker Mobile players will control a group of 5 heroes determined to fight against all types of enemies. The game is set in a world that combines modern and futuristic elements with accents in its storyline.

Here you can come across mechanical or demons designed in a unique and unique cyberpunk style. Gameplay in mobile game Crossover: The Ranker is completely set in auto battle mode, but if you like you can turn off and control the character to cast skills manually.

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Riot Games staff members tell the story of League of Legends 2

Perhaps League of Legends 2 – LoL2 will come when Riot Games out of ideas to develop LoL and need a new universe to remake the game.

If you are a gamer or at least know the game village, then you have heard of names like Starcraft II, Warcraft III, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2…. These are the next games of the previous game. with upgrades on graphics, gameplay, storylines, features. These parts of the game only appear when the previous or too old games, full exploitation or plot has been completed but the game maker still wants to develop it.

The case of DOTA2 is perhaps the most special when it is considered to be the successor of the legendary DotA Allstars custom map. However, this name was created to help Valve avoid unnecessary lawsuits with Blizzard only, there is no game called DOTA1 at all.

Returning to the problem of LoL, this game has more than 10 years of development, and continues to move forward with many new projects. However, the tastes of gamers can change at any time and make the MOBA series in general and LoL in particular reduce the number of players greatly. It is true that in the US, gamers often look to game console with mere entertainment ability. The most popular title in this flag country is not League of Legends, but Call of Duty.

The rapid development of LoL lies in their domination of the Chinese market in particular and Asia in general, where most gamers do not have the opportunity to own a home computer. If the gaming life grows, playing games at home rather than outside the net, then games based on teamwork like League of Legends will be less attractive. It is League of Legends that also suffers from a downgraded situation, from the fact that the client and the champion are constantly getting corrupted is the most obvious manifestation.

Riot Games’ weak balance of the game has been a hot topic for many years, but Riot knows how to please players and make the reaction of gamers not too harsh. However, sooner or later, League of Legends reached its limit and the question of rebooting into League of Legends 2 began to appear and was interested by the employees of Riot Games.

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