Top good online games that you should try

Let’s take a look at the popular online games to enjoy through the following article.

Dragon Atlas

Dragon Atlas brings gamers to a fantasy world with the main characters as dragons and fierce battle against evil. In the beginning, we will choose to play a supporting magician, attack from afar or a true warrior ready to face all difficulties.

The gameplay of Dragon Atlas is quite special when gamers do not need to control the character to move while fighting, but we still have to be very focused because all the attacks launched are decided by the player.

Care must be taken in selecting the skills to be able to make consecutive combo attacks on the opponent, avoiding the case that they counterattack causing damage to themselves. This game can be called a sell action.

In addition, Dragon Atlas also brings a lot of other features such as walking side, fighting bosses and uncovering hidden secrets in the map to search for treasures…

HEX: Shards of Fate

General card game HEX: Shards of Fate has a pretty graphic background with quite sharp color fonts, besides the eye-catching effects of the cards. The game interface is designed to be simple but quite convenient, helping players easily grasp the entire layout of the game.

The cards in HEX: Shards of Fate are drawn quite well, recording all the contents of parameters such as damage amount, HP amount, special ability, race, properties also help players easily grasp.

Basically, HEX: Shards of Fate owns the gameplay quite similar to many games of the current card game genre (TCG) like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering. When each card is played, the player will have to spend a set amount of human resources. Besides, in one turn, the player can perform many operations rather than being limited.

Tome: Immortal Arena

It is known that Tome: Immortal Arena is a product produced by KIXEYE, with the people who have made the success of Command & Conquer, Blade Runner, League of Legends, World of Warcraft … The game takes a fighting style. High-speed action underlies and promotes continuous combat. Therefore the battle lasts only about 20 minutes and brings a lot of new tactics, ensuring the player never gets bored.

Tome: Immortal Arena - MOBA hoành tráng sắp ra mắt

Although there are many basic features of the MOBA games, many complex parts such as furniture recipes, last hit monsters, healing items have been removed. All are aimed at a single goal is to promote action in Tome: Immortal Arena, forcing gamers to rush into battle as quickly as possible.

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Top 5 strongest heroes in the game Archero

It can be said that Archero is an archery role-playing game with an interesting fighting style on the phone, you will have to overcome many levels and unlock many hero characters, looking for special skills to cater for those next level.

During the battle in Archero game, you collect items and tools along the way to serve the screen, from which you can unlock more Archero characters with more special skills, using the Skillful items will help you pass many levels.

1. Rolla

The first character on the list here is Rolla, the general wielding divine power with the ability to freeze enemies at every shot. With Rolla we believe you can pass every level of possession of her, but it will cost you $ 16.99 to recruit this icy girl.

2. Onir

Believed to be a child of the Light God, Onir has the ability to attack enemies and cause them to be dazzled, his movement speed is reduced and is capable of standing still for a few seconds. Like Rolla, players will have to spend a sum of money to unlock this character, the current price of 9.99 USD for those who want to own the god.

3. Taranis

Taranis has the ability to control and use set thunder (like the disgusting Thor). With such a special skill, Taranis accumulates lightning bolts and combines them into arrows, firing attacks with destructive power. Unlike the two characters above, players who want to own Taranis only lose 1,000 Gem.

4. Phoren

The fourth general on the list also possesses special skills, Phoren with the flames coming from hell can burn every enemy when they intend to approach him. He created flames of epic fire and burned his enemies in an instant.

5. Urasil

Not possessing supernatural powers, but Urasil has poisonous vantage techniques, each of his attacks causes the enemy to bleed, causing the opponent to slowly die. And to get Urasil, you need to complete phase 50 of part 2 in normal game mode.

Above are the top 5 strongest heroes in Archero Archery game that we have ever tried. And you, you think the general is the strongest, who is the character who can win all the levels in Archero.

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5 extremely mobile game titles for babies

Choosing a game for children is not easy because carefully considering the inappropriate elements in the game such as violence or sex to have a satisfactory game product.

There are many types of learning and playing games while helping children love entertainment while developing their children’s agility and flexible handling methods.

Here are the top 3 games suitable for young children, parents can safely download games for children to play without having to worry about the risks that may occur.

1. Toca Kitchen 2

For those who love to cook, Toca Kitchen 2 will be a reasonable choice. Released by Toca Boca AB, the game will help children interact directly, do everything from processing to cleaning. From the materials provided, children will be able to unleash creativity with many unique formulas, break the way and cater for four special characters corresponding to each character’s preferences.

Toca Kitchen 2

They will be very creative because the game does not provide rigid models for them to follow. This game promises to please the baby and the fastidious parents. Maybe after this game, the kids will always love the chef?

2. Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Following the blockbuster Inside Out, which was released by Disney Pixar, the game Outside Out Thought Bubbles was released by mobile game developer Disney Mobile Game with the content revolving around an 11-year-old girl with emotional nuances.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

In the game, the kids are tasked with matching the balloons to the same color and breaking them – it seems quite simple, isn’t it? Each color represents different types of emotions like sadness or anger. The characters in the game are Joy, Sadness and Anger respectively. The game will unlock each different character when increasing the level.

Playful 3D graphics, combining voice acting and multi-emotional characters promise to make babies excited. The parents when playing this game can partly understand the emotions of their teenage years.

3. Toysburg

Toysburg is the game that can be said to be the weirdest ever seen on mobile, released by Angry Mob Game, but the game gives children the ability to create infinite possibilities and especially the game is suitable for all ages.


In the game, the kids will transform into a young man, possessing superpowers, transforming his ideas into real things. The talent of this talented guy helps Toysburg town to enjoy bargains with a decent business. In addition, they must use their mind with the help of Elder Mustard to save their sister who was abducted by the dark forces.

Beautiful 3D graphics with state-of-the-art effects, cartoon-style design, funny and colourful characters together create a world that probably only exists in the childhood imagination. The children will feel extremely excited, unleash creativity with endless imagination.

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Top best survival shooter game for PC

It can be said that 2019 is the year of the throne of survival shooter. Not too massive, but almost every game of this genre when released to the market has achieved certain success.

Some of the most typical and outstanding survival shooting game names, that are impossible to mention, are PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Garena Free Fire or Rules Of Survival…

1. PUBG Mobile

If PUBG Mobile is in second place, it is unlikely that any other name can confidently stand in the top 1. Although not the first name to appear in the survival shooter market, but what PUBG Mobile does as of right now, there aren’t any products that can be rivals.

2. Rules Of Survival

Rated as a rival of Pubg Mobile, VNG’s Rules Of Survival (ROS) also inherited many advantages of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). With the gameplay is not too different from his opponent, but the reason that RoS stands in second place, perhaps we have to play and feel.

3. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Considered the “oldest” in the survival shooter market, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the template for a series of mobile survival games that will be released later. With realistic graphics, vivid and extremely sharp PUBG brings a whole new experience about tactical RPG.

4. Fortnite

In addition to Ros, if to find a rival worthy of PUBG Mobile, perhaps it could only be Fortnite. This survival shooter from Epic Games has very special gameplay, content as well as graphic design if not completely different from other brothers.

5. Ring of Elysium

Formerly known as Europa and also a game product released specifically for Southeast Asia. Although not officially playable in some countries, Garena ROE is also very popular and is one of the highest downloaded survival games in the domestic game market.

So in addition to the classic survival games like Minecraft or Survivalcraft, we have known before, now, players have more options for fun and entertainment weekends.

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4 fun games on PC should be installed for your babies

Selecting games for children on the PC is not a simple task, so you should consider carefully before installing to avoid the bad things for young children.

The market for children’s games on PC is still not really developed, but there are still quality products for babies, let’s come to lots of fun games in this article.

1. Epic Mickey series

At the beginning of this list is a series that is not popular with Disney. In fact, the gaming community does not appreciate this product, but with simple gameplay, eye-catching graphics plus the concentration of a lot of Disney characters (from classic to modern), with the context stretching through many famous films of the company.

1. Epic Mickey series

2. Angry Birds series

Needless to say, this product, after storming the world with dozens of different versions, Angry Birds has and will still be the game that parents choose for their children. The game has simple, colorful gameplay and difficulty levels for you to play with your child. This is also one of the best computer games for kids you should install.

2. Angry Birds series

3. Scribblenauts series

A series is not well known by many. Scribblenauts belongs to the category of puzzle games, in the game you will play the boy Maxwell. With his magic pen, Maxwell will create the objects needed to solve puzzles, help people and almost everything in the game. A special feature is that instead of drawing those tools, the game will force you to write their names.

3. Scribblenauts series

Depending on the name you write down, similar items will appear (or animals, tools,… generally anything crazy you can think of). This is a pretty interesting product, especially if you just want to practice English skills for your child and want your child to have moments of leisure entertainment. Currently, the game has both versions for iOS and PC, so you can freely download.

4. Kinectimals

With easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics, beautiful graphics, and mostly geared towards animal lovers, this product is especially suitable for children (and those who have nothing to do). You can also use this as a tool to help children get acquainted with animals and learn how to love and care about animals, then know where there are other members of the family.

4. Kinectimals
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